Week 3 Blog

Before joining the Faculty of Education here at the University of Regina, I thought I knew how to teach. I had grown up around and attended a school that had a group of awful teachers that had taught me a lot of lessons about the profession. These lessons were not intentionally taught to me, however; … Continue reading Week 3 Blog


Week 2 Blog

This week’s reading on the Tyler rationale from Richard Smith’s Curriculum Theory and Practice brought back to my mind a few scenarios memories from my time in high school, and the jury is out on whether or not that’s a good thing. Upon reading about this practice that Tyler advocated for, and especially some of … Continue reading Week 2 Blog

Week 1 Blog

In this reading, Kumashiro defines “common sense” as any part of a person’s life that they take to be the norm, usually because of their positionality in the world. For Kumashiro, this included things like eating three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or keeping things at a certain standard of cleanliness. From a teaching perspective, … Continue reading Week 1 Blog