Contributing to Learning: EDTC 300

For our final assignment of EDTC 300, I was tasked with sharing how I postively affected the learning of the people around me. This is a really interesting assignment, and it really enforces the view of us as a class together in our learning.

First and foremost, I did my best to reply to comments on my blog that had any questions for me. I am aware that I am not the best communicator in the world and espeically getting into guitat and tech jargon on my project posts, I knew there would be some confusion. Because of this, I made sure to check my blog for comments and reply if they needed extra explanation.


Next, I also tried to comment on my classmates blogs and give them support on their learning projects. Some of the projects my classmates were working on were somewhat similar to mine, and so I felt like I could connect with them, while other I just thought were really cool.



Also, using, Feedly, occassionally I would encounter interesting articles relating to education and/or technology that I would be interesting and engaging for my classmates, so I shared it in our Resource Sharing chat on Slack. This was a handy tool on the other end, as well, as I received many cool resources from my classmates.


Lastly, I tried to get as involved as I could on Twitter. Whether it be responding to tweets made by my classmates or making my voice heard in one of the several #edchats that I participated in, I felt like I was part of a big group on Twitter this semester. Out of all the platforms we used this semester, this is the one I aspire to continue using most of all.





Overall, I feel like I contributed a fair bit this semester. Out of al of the aspects of this course, this is the one I want to work at the most. Not because I think I did terrible, however; but because establishing these professional relationships online is just as important as doing it in person, and will only get more important.

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