Coding: EDTC Blog #8

This week we were tasked with brushing up on our coding skills. As someone who spends a fair amount of time on a computer and who has taken Computer Science classes in university, coding is not foreign to me. In fact, I find it quite interesting and from time to time will play around with C++. It never even occured to me until this class, however, that it could be done in a high school or even elementary school classroom.

Weirdly enough, even though I didn’t even consider coding at an elementary level being an option, I distinctly remember using Scratch when I was younger in computers class. Even then I was constantly on a computer, so it was a lot of fun for me. I can also remember, however, that I think I was the only person in my class who enjoyed it.

I think coding is a very handy skill to have that will only get handier in time. As computers and tech in general become more and more common as they evolve, there will be more and more opportunities for jobs in the field, and even just for learning. Having the ability to code in even just one language will soon be a very helpful skill for young people to have.

On top of that, coding can be a lot of fun. I think that when people think of coding they think of actually writing lines of Java in a text document, which is admittedly not very appealing. However, with the rise of block coding with a more user-friendly interface, it is much more inviting and fun for anyone to try.

The coding option that I decided to practice was the Minecraft Adventure from It caught my interest as someone who plays Minecraft occassionally in his spare time, and would absolutely be great for younger students. Here is a video I took of the last few sections of the assignment.

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