Week 4 Blog


Prior to reading doing the reading this week, I have never really thought about how curriculum is developed. Once I sat down and thought for a while, I thought back to my days in primary and secondary school. From my experience, curriculum seems to be developed by the government with less forethought than I’d like towards inclusion of multiple worldviews, and seems to intend to just produce good workers for our capitalist government.


After reading, I noticed how heavily the chapter goes into the politics of curriculum, as it is one of the most important parts. As much as we might like to say that politics has no place in educating students and shouldn’t affect anything, it absolutely does and needs to, to an extent. Something that stood out to me was the header “Voter Interests Drive Everything.” This is not a concept that is new to me, but it is a very political one. This concept of doing everything just to get voters is very slimy, and is not something I ever thought existed in the world of education, but it comes with the territory of politics.

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